Let us enter the creative world of EVEY JONES, the imaginative mystery of her work, the profound significance of her artistic expression and the nebulae of her creative energy. Evey's works do not offer color, there is a distinctive preference for black and white, broadly nuanced chiaroscuro and harmonious contrasts rendered through the perfect combining of light and shadow. It is a brilliant choice that recalls the masterpieces by film directors Ingmar Bergman and Michelangelo Antonioni. Her abstract compositions,"macchie", marks, are symbols of a reality that is gradually becoming extinguished. Her splitting contrasts reflect the lack of unity the world both generates and is a victim of. Jones' art can provoke a sense of bewilderment. The theme of loneliness can also be traced in the leaden opacity of her work. It comes across as an accurate self-analysis that allows her to rewrite the alphabet of her existence. A self-awareness manual of sorts in a climate of inner reflection that enables her to intimately speak with fellow humans, nature and the environment, From a more strictly aesthetic-formal point of view, Jones' inspired and visionary painting becomes a modern touchstone for freely perceived abstract spontaneity. Her art rediscovers and reclaims the roots and trademarks of contemporary American abstract art: its artists, trends, avant-garde, its multiple undercurrents. In general terms, I am referring to the deep silence of Marc Rothko's paintings; the tensions and contradictions of Franz Kline; the original trait of Cy Twombly, intricate and elegant in equal measure, his graffiti and inscriptions intertwined on monochrome surfaces. However not all is dark and negative. Sometimes the faint outline of human figures appears in the margins of her work. The motif of chairs can be viewed in this context. At times chairs are placed in a frontal position as if to testify a desire for communication, at other times they are in the opposite position, indicating a refusal of any form of communication. Yet contrasts only appear to be such. They stand for the need for a profound meditation within and without oneself; a meditation that starts from the self and can reach out beyond reality, to the abstractions of Reason, of Feeling, and Art My admiration and compliments to Evey for her intellectual strength, her far- reaching knowledge, her courageous and innovative art. Spello, Italy —ANGELO MAZZOLI Excerpts translated from the original Italian by Francesca Caruso
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